I wish Barney was even close to this cool when I was a kid.


Hevisaurus is a Finland metal band, and somehow make metal even cooler, by playing music dressed as dinosaurs!


With a T-Rex on lead vocals, what seems to be a brachiosaurus with a mohawk on bass, a triceritops on keyboards , and, what definitely appears to be a fire-breathing dragon blazing away on guitar, they make music for kids in the hope that once they grow up, they can enjoy other… less kid friendly metal bands.


It may sound silly, but let’s be honest, metal for kids beats the Wiggles any day.


They’ve sold 200,000 albums, starred in their own movie and toured extensively in Finland.


If anything, this only proves that if you can listen to any genre for your entire life, it should be metal.


Get a song in a language you don’t understand stuck in your head with “Juranoid”

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