In all honesty… it looks pretty gross.


Last weekend, YouTuber TechRax (real name Taras Maksimuk) took a swimming pool, a hell of a lot of Coca-Cola, ice and Mentos, and decided to do something with it.


A couple friends helped him spend a few hours filling a 1,500 gallon swimming pool (approx: 5678 litres) with Coca-Cola, then throws some mentos in for that real good fizz.


He then coaxes (or coerces, whatever you prefer) his friend Ryan to run full speed and jump in, and even dunk his head.


Oh and then for some reason he drops a drone in there. What a waste.


If you ever thought about what it would feel like if you did it yourself, Ryan sums it up pretty well:


“I feel all the fizz from the inside and it’s really weird.”


Well… yeah.


Watch the video below:

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