Now the sound of freedom will ring all through Calgarian’s back yards!


But the sound of something else too.


For the past 30 years, skateboarding in your backyard (if you lived in Calgary of course) had been outlawed. Not even because it was perceived as dangerous! But because it was too loud.


Councillor Ward Sutherland said that:

“The clanging it can put you over the edge.”


Despite the point of skateboards being able to go over edges.




Anyway, despite a few dissenting opinions, the decision was made and even the mayor Naheed Nenshi had commented:

“To assume that one kind of activity is different than another kind of activity is over-regulation in the extreme.”


They actually commissioned a report to compare the noise of skateboards to other things. And found it was about the same level as a human speaking.


Ban that too then I guess.


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