Friday Furball 2015


SOURCE Kingston Humane Society
SOURCE Kingston Humane Society

Poor Holly came to the shelter through an investigation, and it broke our hearts to see her frail, emaciated condition. Holly is a soft, affectionate, playful beagle who still bears the scars of her previous treatment. Although Holly is a well-behaved pooch, she has shown us her desperation for food in the weeks that we’ve known her. She has steadily gained weight and has a perfect body condition now, but she is very possessive over her food and any treats, we presume because of her previous condition. Because of this behavior, we are looking for an experienced family without children, as Holly is still learning that she no longer has to worry about food being available for her. Her adoptive family will need to be patient and either tolerate and manage this behavior, or be willing to consult a behaviourist. Besides this quirk, Holly is the perfect companion! She loves to show affection to everyone by giving them chin licks. She doesn’t mind the company of other dogs and may do well with another dog in her life. She can’t wait to find a loving family that will guide her through the process and be patient with her every step of the way. If you are an experienced dog owner and want to give Holly a second chance, please drop by the shelter! She will steal your heart with just one glance!
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If you would like to adopt Holly or any of the other “Friday Fur Balls” visit or stop by Kingston Humane Society at 1 Bennington CRT.
For more information contact the Kingston Humane Society at 613 546-1291