PeterLooking for a new friend? Sweet Peter the rabbit came to the shelter as a stray, with an empty tummy and a yearning for some love and affection. With a solid diet of pellets, hay, and veggies, Peter has blossomed into the cute bunny we know and love today. Have you been thinking of adding a bun to your brood? Do some research on the importance of responsible rabbit ownership and research veterinary clinics in your area. Rabbits need extra care that you may not realize! And if you think Peter might be the loveable, snugglable bun for you, drop by the shelter today for a visit!
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If you would like to adopt Peter or any of the other “Friday Fur Balls” visit or stop by Kingston Humane Society at 1 Bennington CRT.
For more information contact the Kingston Humane Society at 613 546-1291