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Metallica 50-Disc Live Set

METALLICA - 25 Nights Down Under 50 CD Box Set Now Available

Metallica has made available for purchase a limited edition box set containing 50 CDs that chronicle the band’s tours of Australia and New Zealand in 2010 and 2013. First announced in April, the set began shipping this week to fans who pre-ordered it, with copies still available. Australian cities featured in the box set include Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide, while the New Zealand shows are taken from Christchurch and Auckland.


The set features recordings of 62 different Metallica originals and covers, including rarities like “Dyers Eve,” “The God That Failed,” “The Call Of Ktulu,” “Trapped Under Ice” and other songs that don’t often make the band’s current live set.

The box features 25 different shows, each on two discs, and retails for a hefty $395.



Rush May Continue To Play and Record


(Classic Rock) Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson hopes the band will continue to play live shows after what’s believed to be their final tour. And while he’s previously talked up the chances of making another album, he’s now discussed the possibility of two.


Rush are currently on the road across North American on a trip that manager Ray Danniels has said is “most likely the last of this magnitude.” But Lifeson tells Guitar Center: “I could still see us going out and doing a special run – a couple of weeks here and there, those sort of things.


“We haven’t discussed that but, I could see that happening. And possibly making another album or two. We love playing together and we really enjoy that aspect of our relationship.”



Brian Wilson Biopic Opens Today

The long wait is over with today’s official release of the Bill Pohlad-directed Brian Wilson biopic, Love & Mercy. The film, which chronicles both the Beach Boys leader’s mental collapse in the 1960’s as well as his imprisonment under the care of Svengali-like psychologist Eugene Landy, is already garnering Oscar buzz for its principals. John Cusack portrays the older Wilson, with Paul Dano playing Wilson in his younger days as the leader and creative force of the Beach Boys. Paul Giamatti co-stars as the late Eugene Landy, with Elizabeth Banks starring as Wilson’s current wife, Melinda Wilson.



Ozzy Denies Buying $10 Million Home


Ozzy Osbourne has taken to Twitter to refute reports that he and his wife Sharon recently purchased a new $10 million estate in an exclusive section of Beverly Hills. Ozzy’s tweet read, “I bought a house? That’s news to Sharon and me.”


It was reported earlier this week that the Osbournes had purchased a 5,700-square-foot property featuring five bedrooms, five and a half baths and a two-story guest house with its own garage, among many other amenities.