SA Spotlight

Fed up with red carpets and award shows? So are we!

Finally an award show to be proud of. An award show about by the music, not the all mighty dollar. The Sideshow Awards!

Best Band Without a Juno Nomination

One Bad Son!

Sideshow Awards One Bad Son

Sideshow Awards One Bad Son 2


Best Studio K-Rock Performance

The Glorious Sons “Heavy” Oct 15, 2014

TGS Sideshow Awards Group

TGS Sideshow Award 1


Best Dressed At An Award Show

Brett Emmons of The Glorious Sons at the 2015 Juno Awards

TGS Sideshow Awards BrettSideshow Award Bessed Dressed 2

TGS Junos


Rudest Guest

Sam Roberts November 29, 2014

Sam Roberts Sideshow Awards Rudest Guest

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Trews

Sideshow Awards TrewsSideshow Awards Trews 2 Sideshow Awards Trews 3