Queen’s – Animal Rights

Queen’s Animal Defence is accusing the University of hiding the number of animals being used in biomedical research.
Today is Freedom of Information Day and the group says it has been repeatedly denied Freedom of Information requests for what animals are being used and in what kind of research at Queen’s.
It also says Queen’s recently rejected a proposal to establish a formal Retirement and Adoption program for animals used in research and education on campus…despite a petition from more than 1500 members of the community.
Queen’s Animal Defence will have a presentation set up outside the cafeteria in Mac-Corry Hall at noon today.

Waterways Caution – March Break

It’s March break and with schools closed – the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority is warning people to stay away from the banks of creeks, rivers, lakes and ponds as the thaw continue.
It says the banks along waterways will be icy and slippery.
The conservation authority says children are naturally curious and parents need to be aware of the dangers of icy water and take extra pre-cautions when kids are playing outdoors.

Military Exercise

A group of Canadian and International officers along with instructors from the Peace Support Training Centre at CFB Kingston are conducting a four day exercise in the area starting today.
The training will take place in Kingston, Camden East, Gananoque, Picton, Joyceville and other areas including Wolfe Island.
Approximately 15 officers and instructors will be involved.  They’ll be dressed in uniforms but won’t be carrying weapons and will travel in civilian vehicles.

Kingston – Bill C-51 Protest

A large group of people were involved in a Kingston gathering to demonstrate against Bill C-51.
A crowd estimated at over 200 gathered in Springer Market Square on Saturday to demonstrate against the proposed federal legislation.
The bill would give new powers to Canada’s spy agency and police.
The Conservatives introduced the legislation in January and say it’s designed to make Canadians safer.

Kingston – Fraud Charges

Kingston Police have busted five men from Montreal for credit card fraud.
Police says a business on Princess Street contacted them on Saturday after five men tried to use pre-paid VISA credit cards.
Five people were arrested and face a total of 14 charges.

Juno Awards

At the Juno Awards in Hamilton…
Kingston’s Glorious Sons were nominated for rock album of the year. Hamilton’s Arkells won that award and group of the year.
He’s 80 – but Leonard Cohen’s gold-certified ”Popular Problems” won album of the year.

Green Candidate – Community Tour

The Green Party candidate who will be running in Kingston and the Islands during the federal election this year is kicking off a community engagement tour.
Nathan Townend is scheduled to meet with leaders in the private, public and non-profit sectors starting today.
Townend says the tour is an opportunity for him to hear from people and discuss solutions to problems that work for the riding.