Bravery Medal

A Kingston area man who saved his friend from the icy water of Calabogie Lake is getting the Medal of Bravery from Governor General David Johnson in Ottawa today.
William Marshall of Hartington helped rescue Robin McMullen after McMullen’s snow machine went through the ice on Calabogie Lake in February of 2012.
Paramedic Brad Smith of Renfrew is also getting the Medal of Bravery for his part in the rescue.

Woman Found

A Kingston woman who had been reported missing has checked in with her family.
Kingston Police say 35 year old Rachel Landry was in Windsor when she contacted her family.
Police had asked for help from the public earlier in the week after Landry was last been seen at her home in Kingston on Sunday, March 1st.

Threats – Fraud

Utilities Kingston says it has received numerous reports of people getting threatening phone calls. Someone has been telling people their electricity would be cut off if they didn’t deliver 14 hundred dollars cash to an address in the 900 block of Princess Street.
Kingston Police is investigating.

Fire – Compton Street

The cause of the fatal fire in an apartment on Compton Street is still under investigation.
The Regional Coroner’s Office, Ontario Fire Marshall’s Office, Kingston Police and Kingston Fire and Rescue are all involved in the investigation because there was a death.
87 year old Doug Munroe passed away in hospital after being rescued from the building on Tuesday night.
A 55 year old man remains in hospital recovering from smoke inhalation.
Tenants in 12 apartments have had to find other places to live until repairs are made.

Memorial Service – Benefit

The memorial service and funeral for a Kingston woman who was killed in Texas takes place in Kingston today.
28 year old Dawn Giffa was shot to death by her husband…along with two other people on February 23rd.  Her husband was a soldier at Fort Hood, Texas.  She met while he was stationed at Fort Drum, near Watertown.
They had a 3 year old son who has been brought back to Kingston by his grandfather, Donny Larson.
The Kingston Music Community is coming together for a benefit for Larson and his family on Sunday at The Mansion.
Concerts will take place in the afternoon and at night and the staff is donating its tips and wages to the cause.

Kijiji Job – Fraud

Jobs being advertised on Kijiji for people to be package handlers are a scam.
Kingston Police Detective Dan Silver says some people in Kingston applied for the jobs – but when they got the packages that they were supposed to ship to overseas locations they got suspicious and contacted police.
It turns out the good had been bought with stolen credits cards – ordered online by someone in Toronto who was using public Wi-Fi hotspots.
Constable Silver says there is no legitimate reason for a professional company to reship packages and this is a scam to launder the merchandise.

The County – Hayloft Dancehall

It’s the subject of epic stories from The County and the new owners of the Hayloft Dancehall say they are committed to bringing it back to its dancehall roots.
The popular spot is located next to Lake Ontario in Cherry Valley.
The owners of Toronto’s Dakota Tavern and Whippoorwill Restaurant and Tavern bought the Hayloft last year and it is scheduled to re-open on May 15th.
It will showcase live music from Thursday to Sunday through September.