Waterfront Property – Museum

A key piece of Kingston’s downtown waterfront is for sale for one dollar.

The land that includes the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes, the dry dock and wharf along the shore of Lake Ontario is being sold by Public Works and Government Services of Canada.

It is advertising for expressions of interest in the site by March 30th.

The land requires a significant amount of work to bring it up to the proper standards for development.

Kingston city council has refused to buy the land but has agreed to work with the Marine Museum to try and maintain its location.

Math Scores Drop

The Fraser Institute says its annual report card on elementary schools in Ontario is a chance for parents to track the performance of their child’s school.  Its annual report shows schools in Kingston have maintained their average five year rankings without any major changes.

The top ranked elementary school is Winston Churchill with a 9.1 out of 10 follow by John the 23rd with a score of 8.4.

The Fraser Institute uses the provinces math, reading and writing tests to come up with the rankings and found there has been an overall drop in math scores in elementary schools.

Details are available at: www.compareschoolrankings.org

Correctional Employee – Drug Trafficking

It turns out there were two Corrections Canada employees who were busted in a major drug sweep by police across Ontario last week.

33 year old Andrea DeLaat of Kingston was charged with conspiracy to traffic marijuana and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

44 year old Christopher D’Cunha of Kingston has also been charged with possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

D’Cunha and DeLaat were among 29 people charged in Project Batlow…including members of the Hells Angels.

Mining Watchdog

A professor from Queen’s University has been chosen by the federal government to be its new corporate social responsibility counsellor for the mining sector.

The announcement that Jeffrey Davidson would take over the position was made on the weekend.

Davidson will be responsible for the government’s strategy on responsible resource extraction outside of Canada.  He joined Queen’s in 2011 after being a member of Rio Tinto’s Global Communities Practice Team.

Worst Drivers

The TV Show – Canada’s Worst Driver is looking for Kingston’s worst.

Local taxi driver Ian Brannon was selected for the show last season after confession to a long string of crashes.  He wasn’t chosen as then worst driver in Canada…but the show says it believes there are more drivers like Bannon in Kingston.

Nominations can be made at the TV shows website: