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Meet this Week’s “Friday FurBall”- Rascal

Posted on by Courtney

Rascal is a 2 year old, strong, handsome, active dog. He absolutely loves to play ball – especially with a soccer ball! He is quite skilled at fetch and return too. Rascal needs some work on obedience training and is a seeking an experienced owner to help him settle into his new home. He can be a bit of a bully with other dogs and will need some guidance socializing. However, with the right combination of mental and physical activity, Rascal is sure to become a fine companion. One of his stronger traits is that he’s a very loyal boy who after a good run loves to cuddle. He requires a family with children over 16 that has the time and commitment to focus on his training needs. Rascal has a beautiful and unique wire coat, and just adores to be brushed. Drop by the shelter at 1 Binnington Court to meet his handsome boy today!
For more on Rascal click here
If you would like to adopt Rascal or any of the other “Friday Fur Balls” visit www.kingstonhumanesociety.ca or stop by Kingston Humane Society at 1 Bennington CRT.
For more information contact the Kingston Humane Society at 613 546-1291



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Movie Doctor- Ouija, John Wick

Posted on by pj.stemarie


This week Keanu Reeves kicks ass and board games are back to give you a scare before Halloween as John Wick and Ouija open in theatres.


Download [1:24] 2MB

The Movie Dr.


To check out the trailers click here!

Kingston News on Friday October 24th, 2014

Posted on by pj.stemarie

Ottawa – Shooting – Memorial

More Kingston News!

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Parliament Hill Recap with Andrew Pinsent of 1310 News Ottawa

Posted on by Boomer


Download [6:22] 9.2MB

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100 Men Who Care Kingston

Posted on by Boomer

1404277236Find out what 100 Men Who Care Kingston is all about, how YOU can become a member and make a difference in Kingston! LISTEN HERE:

Download [4:55] 7.1MB

More info on 100 Men Who Care Kingston AND 100 Women Who Care Kingston:

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Kingston News on Thursday October 23rd, 2014

Posted on by pj.stemarie

Ottawa Shootings

Ottawa police are now saying they believe only one gunman was involved in Wednesday’s shootings at the National War Memorial and on Parliament Hill.
Const. Marc Soucy says they are not looking for anyone else.

Members of Parliament are met at the National War Memorial in Ottawa this morning to honour Cpl. Nathan Cirillo….the reservist from Hamilton who was murdered by a terrorist yesterday as he stood guard at the Memorial.

They will then gather as scheduled in the House of Commons and the Prime Minister is expected to address Parliament.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper addressed the nation last night saying he is confident in Canadians ability to get through this.  He said security services are working to find answers about the terror attacks.
Harper offered the condolences of the nation to the family of soldier Nathan Cirillo.  Cirillo was shot in the chest and died yesterday.  He also offered condolences to the family of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent who was murdered on Monday.

Kingston – Shootings

On Parliament Hill…Kingston and the Islands MP Ted Hsu was on his way to the Liberal caucus meeting on the floor below where the gunfire broke out.  Hsu and two other members of Parliament locked themselves in an office until they were allowed to leave.
Military Police at CFB Kingston were checking the identification of everyone entering the base yesterday following the shootings.  Security guards were doing the same at the Royal Military College.
Kingston Police issued a statement saying they have not received any indication of an imminent local threat.  The statement encourages members of the public to be watchful for and report unusual activity to Kingston Police.

Peace Vigil

A peace vigil was held at Sydenham Street United Church in Kingston last night in the wake of what happened in Ottawa.  15 people gathered at the Church.  They included three United Church ministers, a Lutheran Minister and several local activists.  They signed a statement expressing concern about the safety of Muslims and the rights of all Canadians following the attacks.

More Kingston News!

BREAKING NEWS LIVE BLOG: Shots fired on Parliament Hill

Posted on by joel.smith

OTTAWA – Ottawa police confirm there were three shooting incidents in the downtown core Wednesday morning, at the National War Memorial, near the Rideau Centre and at Parliament Hill.

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OTTAWA UPDATE: Live Blog of events

Posted on by john.noon

Please go to the below link for continuing coverage of the shootings in Ottawa.

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BREAKING NEWS: Shots Fired at Parliment Hill

Posted on by john.noon

Via 1310 news: OTTAWA – A gunman opened fire at the National War Memorial, wounding a soldier, then moved to nearby Parliament Hill and wounded a security guard before he was shot, reportedly by Parliament’s sergeant-at-arms.

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Items for Sale: Starbucks, Imaginary Friends, Zombie Cabins & Ebola?

Posted on by Boomer


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