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How you can help victims of Fort McMurray wildfires

Posted on by dean.cole


The devastating wildfires in Fort McMurray has resulted in the biggest evacuation in Alberta history.

Thousands are fleeing their homes. Some may never be able to return as there are reports of neighborhoods being destroyed.

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Rock Mega Music Test

Posted on by john.noon

CheapTrick_SignedGuitar_WebRead the Rest of the Entry

New Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Posted on by robin.harper

This one’s called ‘Dark Necessities.” What do you think? Awesome? Awful?

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Red Hot Chili Peppers Release New Track, “Dark Necessities” | New Album Announcement

Posted on by Daly

Their first album in 5 years, The Getaway, is set to be released June 17th. Click more for the track listing!

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Kingston News, March 5, 2016

Posted on by scott.martin

One Arrested – Break in and Robbery

Kingston Police have arrested a 30 year old man following that break in and robbery at a home on Connaught Street Tuesday afternoon.

The man was arrested in Gananoque around 10:30 last night.

He spent the night in a Kingston Police cell and will formally be charged with robbery and breach of probation today.

Police are still looking for two other men and a woman.  Witnesses say guns and knives were used in the robbery of a 29 year old man on Tuesday afternoon.

The suspects took off from the house on Connaught Street in an orange coloured Jeep.

Riding Mower Hit

A driver is facing charges after a Loyalist township employee suffered minor injuries when his riding mower was hit on Highway 2 in Odessa.

A vehicle clipped the side of the mower and it flipped over at around three yesterday afternoon.

Emergency crews didn’t have far to go to get to the scene – it was across the road from the fire hall.

Highway 2 was closed while police investigated.

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May The 4th Be With You. Watch The Force Awakens In 4 Minutes & With Emojis

Posted on by Daly


Part of me thinks this is amazing. Part of me thinks its sad they can condense an entire two hour movie into four minutes and still get the point across. Regardless the video is below, enjoy & happy May The 4th!

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Kingston News, May 4, 2016

Posted on by scott.martin

Home Invasion

Kingston Police is still looking for suspects following a break in and robbery at a home on Connaught Street.

Police were called to the home at 87 Connaught Street around 4:30 yesterday afternoon.

A man says he was robbed at knife point by a woman and two men.

Police say nobody was injured during the robbery and the suspects made their getaway in a car.

Cancoil Expansion

A Kingston company is expanding.

Cancoil Thermal has announced plans to expand into a new building on Innovation Drive.  It will continue to operate at its current location on John F. Scott Road.

Cancoil makes equipment for heating, cooling, ventilation and refrigeration systems.

It currently employs 130 people and the expansion may add another 100 jobs.

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David Bowie Continues To Surprise Us – See What Happens If You Leave Blackstar In The Sun

Posted on by Daly



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Kingston News, May 3, 2016

Posted on by scott.martin

Food Bank Blitz

A food blitz for the Partners in Mission Food Bank on the weekend was a big disappointment.

The food bank collected items at grocery stores on Saturday instead of the traditional door to door food drive.

Volunteers at 10 grocery stores collected 22,200 pounds.  The goal was 100,000 pounds.

The food bank hasn’t announced any plans to make up the shortfall.

Library – No Sunshine List

You won’t see staff with the Kingston Frontenac Public Library on the Sunshine list.

The Library Board has voted against identifying employees who make over $100,000 a year.

Libraries are covered by separate privacy legislation and don’t have to reveal the wages of employees.

The library board will release a list of wage ranges and job tiles…but it won’t include specific names or exact dollar amounts.

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Kingston News, May 2, 2016

Posted on by scott.martin

RMC Cadet – Death  

The sudden death of a 22 yr old RMCC cadet has shaken the Military University.

On Thursday morning Harrison Kelertas, of Montreal was found dead on campus. He was reportedly found in his room after he wasn’t seen for roll call.

The honours politics student, and member of Frontenac (4) Squadron, was scheduled to graduate on May 19.

Meanwhile the Royal Military College of Canada cadets marched across the causeway bridge meeting with the mayor as part of Copper Sunday traditions yesterday.

The 400 plus cadets were welcomed by Mayor Bryan Paterson at city hall where he addressed the recent loss by saying: “When you celebrate, we celebrate with you, when you fell loss, we feel loss with you,”

The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service is still investigating the death but reports there were no signs of foul play.

Via Rail – Kingston

The head of Via Rail is hoping to improve rail service into Kingston.

Yves Desjardins-Siciliano says by 2019 trains will start out of Kingston first thing in the morning for the work day and the last train at the end of the evening will allow people to go into the larger cities to enjoy evening events, and get back into town at the end of those events.

Desjardins-Siciliano says with the current schedule, Kingston residents can’t go to a Raptors or Maple Leafs games for example.

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